You can’t buy your health! So let’s make a change now!

It’s funny because I see people trying to do this all the time. The tummy tuck, or the face lift, or the diet pills. Why is it that people are so against working hard? You will NEVER feel as good about yourself as possible without true hard work. This is true with mental work and physical work, but because the lack of physical work that people are doing is actually killing them, that’s where I’m going to focus my energy.

It’s obvious that people want to feel good and look good, but why don’t they do the things they need to do to have these things? Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to achieve feeling good and looking good, and they just don’t want them bad enough to figure it out. I know that most people (me included) have to hit bottom before they look for a better way and actually take action, and until that point that aren’t uncomfortable enough to force a change.

I’m going to give you some ideas that can be easy so you don’t have to hit rock bottom before making the change to physically work hard, and start getting into great shape, and start feeling great now!

The Super Friend

The most effective way to get yourself into rock solid, feeling amazing everyday shape is to find yourself a super in shape friend and stick to them like glue! The absolute easiest way to change a behavior is to hangout with people that have the habits and results that you want to have. Don’t feel bad about asking your friend to help you out. People inherently want to help other people. Just make sure that you pay back your knowledge to other people when you’re looking and feeling outstanding. The only thing that you need to be aware of in this situation is that some people look good and may look like they feel good, but it’s all a facade, and they’re hiding behind drugs and steroids. I know it sounds extreme, but it happens more than you’d think, so just be aware.

The Stalker

This one actually involves stalking someone so you have to be sneaky! Go to the gym and hop onto a piece of cardio equipment or a machine that give you a view of the weight room. Take about an hour to people watch, and take mental notes about the people that are working out in the weight room. Find someone that is in the kind of shape that you want to be in. As long as the person doesn’t look like their doing anything that looks incredibly unsafe then you’ve got your subject. Now head back to the gym the same time the next day to see if your subject is going to be consistent. Now all you have to do is copy what your subject is doing. Don’t expect to do the same weights, but copy their workout exercise for exercise. You might have to go through a few subjects to find someone that comes to the gym consistently at the same time so you can copy them, but you will eventually find someone. Don’t worry about getting caught. Most gyms are such meat markets that people are there to see and be seen. It’s really quite a joke, but if you use the stalker method you will find yourself getting into great shape.

Actual Real Life Trainer

Although this may seem like the best way to get yourself into shape it’s not always a sure thing. This is because probably half of the personal trainers out there don’t really know what they’re doing. Sorry guys! This means that you’re going to have to interview a few trainers before you hire one. First look at their degrees and certifications. Your trainer should have at least one of the following (and preferably multiple): BS in Exercise Science or Kinesiology from a major university, NSCA CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) and/or CPT (certified personal trainer), ACSM CPT, RTS (resistance training specialist), ACE CPT, and CrossFit Level 1 or 2. Once you’ve confirmed that your trainer has the above degrees and certifications then you should ask them about their training experience, and what kinds of people they like to train. You want to week out the trainers that are only in it for the money and have no passion for health and fitness. It will be easy to figure it out by how they talk about their previous clients and their own training. After you’ve picked your trainer hire them on a limited basis (tell them that) to test them out. Tell your trainer upfront that you’re going to try out a few different trainers before you pick one, and that you might train with more than one trainer. This is a great way to keep things fresh and keep you grabbing consistent gains. Now you’re off and running with a trainer, but don’t be afraid to fire your trainer if they stop motivating you.

Magazine Trainer (last resort)

This is how I got started. Go to your local grocery or bookstore and browse the magazine section for workout magazines. When you find one that suits your taste, buy it! The magazine should be full of how to articles with exercise routines that you can follow. Because there are only pictures in magazines you might have trouble figuring out exactly how the exercises should be performed, but there are solutions to this… You can search on YouTube for the exercise name. Most of the time the YouTube video will have a someone using decent form for the exercise. The other option is to go to the gym durning primetime and watch for in shape people doing the exercise that you’re questioning. If you’re not worried about sounding stupid I recommend asking those people about how to do the exercises. Leaving your pride at home will help you learn far more than you every imagined! After you’ve followed the magazine workout for a month, go back to the store and buy another magazine and find a new workout to follow.

In this post I’ve giving you four real, effective, and easy ways to change your fate and start feeling and looking great today. Now go and take action on the tactic that you’re most comfortable with. Don’t wait, do it now! If it’s night time schedule it so yo do it tomorrow, and reread this post again tomorrow to get yourself ready. If you have questions I hear to answer them. Just drop them into the comments section below or email me.

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