Look Better Naked


Buy in questions – questions to ask the group: How many of you are excited to learn something new about nutrition?  How many of you just had nothing to do on a Thursday night? What I’m going to teach you… Basics of nutrition – What is protein – What is fat – What are carbs [...]

Arbonne Vegan Protein Powder

arbonne vegan protein

This is my complete review of the Arbonne vegan protein powder. I’m guessing that you are wondering why I’m trying a vegan protein powder… It’s a good question. I’m not vegan at all. In fact, I consume about 2-3 pounds of meat a day. But… A good friend of mine asked if I’d like to [...]

AAJ 023: How to prepare for a CrossFit competitions

AAJ Podcast image final

Blog post: There might be a few of you out there that are thinking… “I’ll never do a CrossFit competition, why should I listen to this?”. And for those of you thinking that, never say never. Even my 60+ year old mother does CrossFit competitions, and has a blast. CrossFit competitions are full of energetic, [...]

Are you a Spartan? Maybe you should be… Spartan Up!


These days you hear about obstacle course races almost daily. They come in all shapes and sizes. Short 3 mile events, all the way up to very long and grueling Death Races. Some might say that these races can get out of hand, but I truly believe there is a place for them in all [...]

Hola From Costa Rica

Costa rica

After a one year hiatus we are back doing the Costa Rica Fitness Vacation. I’ll share more about the trip later… I flew into San Jose airport last night. It’s a nice little airport where the immigration and customs agents are very nice and welcoming. It strange because when you enter foreign countries the people [...]

Rep Fitness wall ball review

Rep Fitness wall ball

How many of you out in computer world love wall ball tosses? If I were to guess, I’d say, not many of you. That’s the exact reason why when Rep Fitness asked me what piece of equipment I’d like to try out, I choose the wall ball. In fact, one of the better CrossFitters at [...]

AAJ 022: Muscle soreness & how to eliminate it

AAJ Podcast image final

Muscle soreness is just part of working out. Actually it’s just part of living. Assuming you’re living hard! What happens is you work hard in the gym, or in some physical way, and you create micro tears in your muscles. These micro tears are small damages to the muscle that cause that still “sore” feeling. [...]

How often should you do cardio to get lean?


I was just asked the question by one of my good friends, and I thought I’d answer it on the blog here. It’s not a straight forward answer, unfortunately. How often should you do cardio? The answer is…. it depends. Here’s what I recommend. Start off with 3 times a week, for 20 mins, at [...]

AAJ 021: How to avoid type 2 diabetes

AAJ Podcast image final

In this country type 2 diabetes is a serious problem. And I believe that we can prevent it by simply educating people. Right now our school system does a terrible job of teaching people how to be healthy, and in turn how to avoid type 2 diabetes. So you understand what type 2 diabetes is… [...]

AAJ 020: How to gain weight

AAJ Podcast image final

I know this is for the unique population that is wanting to know how to gain weight, not lose it. This is speaking to the bodybuilder or CrossFitter that needs to put on some extra pounds to be better at their sport. In this podcast I’m going to be covering the essentials of protein, fat, [...]

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