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AAJ 033: Interview w/ Mega Bar creator Obidi Orakwusi

In this episode you’ll learn about the Mega Bar, plus… Who the Mega Bar is for. How you can use the Mega Bar to get into great shape without a gym. What exercises you can do on the Mega Bar. And much, much more. I have known Obidi for quite a few months now. He’s […]

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AAJ 031: The holiday eating attack plan

In this episode you get a holiday eating attack plan, plus… When you should eat to lose fat. How to eat all you want during the holidays and lose weight. What exercises you need to be doing to keep the holiday pounds off. Where to get products to get rid of soreness. With the holidays […]

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Getting the Nutrition You Need While Being Restricted

This is a guest post brought to you by NowFoods Food allergies and specific diet programs can greatly alter the foods you can consume. Although you may not be able to eat certain foods, your body still needs nutritional support in order to sustain itself. Perhaps your diet prevents you from cooking certain dishes that […]