AAJ 043: How to get out of a training rut

In this episode you’ll learn all about how to get out of training ruts plus… What causes a training rut. The quickest ways out of a training rut. Workouts that will bust you out of a training rut. And much, much more. A training rut is something that gets us all from time to time, […]

EXO cricket protein bars

Cricket Protein Bars – Good, Bad, Ugly

This is the coolest review that I’ve done in a long time! Not only are cricket proteins tasty, but if we eat more of them we will be helping out our world. When we live in a world that constantly talks about not having enough water, and we can shift our protein consumption to assist […]

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AAJ 039: The 60 Day Abs Plan

In this episode you’ll learn how to get abs, plus… Why you need to be cutting your carbs. How many days you need to be working out. What exercises you need to be doing, and what foods you need to be eating. And much, much more. The summer is coming, and you want to be […]